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Central Public School

Central Public School

Our mission at Central Public School... is to provide opportunities for students to develop social values and academic skills in a mutually respectful, cooperative, bilingual learning environment. Our school is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 French Immersion school located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Our student population is 200 and we offer French Immersion programming as follows:

Kindergarten Year 175% French Language Instruction
Kindergarten Year 290% French Language Instruction
Grade 1100% French Language Instruction
Grade 2100% French Language Instruction
Grade 375% French Language Instruction
Grade 4, 5 and 650% French Language Instruction
(Instruction in English accounts for the remaining instructional time. Guest presentations in both English and French enhance the curriculum.)

Our balanced day schedule and focus on literacy and numeracy has enhanced the success of our students. We continue to provide differentiated instruction to facilitate all learning styles, which increases success for all students, as well.

Contact Information:

23 Station Road
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
P2N 3H2

Telephone: (705) 567-4030
Fax: (705) 567-5553
Email: cenps@dsb1.ca


Principal: Terry McMillan
Secretary: Louise Dal Pai

Grade Level:

  • French Immersion: K1 to Grade 6

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School History:

Central Public School had its beginning at a ratepayers' meeting held on October 3, 1916, at which the School Board was authorized to borrow funds to obtain a site and build and equip a frame school house. In February 1917, with a class of 60 pupils of all ages, a school room was opened over what was a community hall. In 1920, two more classrooms were necessary, thus completing the four room unit remembered by many as the "small school" and which, in 1922, became the first high school.

To meet the needs of the young mining camp, in 1924, another four room school was built adjacent to it on the site of the old Central School building, with subsequent additions of four rooms in each of 1926 and 1928. By 1960 it was time to look at a new school because of foundation problems and the costly repairs. In 1962 the Public School Board obtained the approval of Council, and submitted plans to the Department of Education for approval. In 1964, a local contractor constructed a 12 room school, complete with a playroom/auditorium, kindergarten, library, all auxiliary services area and the Board's Administrative Offices at a cost of $390,000.

The pupils and staff occupied the new Central School building on September 8, 1964, vacating the old building which became the temporary home for a section of the Northern Ontario Institute of Technology. Thus, the cycle of Central Public School is complete; from a one room school to a small graded school, to a continuation school, to a large graded school, to a post secondary school and finally to this present building with its new look.

In 2006, our look changed from a red brick school to a beautiful three tone beige school with new windows throughout and new roof for our gymnasium. A new computer lab conducive to teaching, learning, and robotics was installed in 2007. In 2008, new sewer and water lines, and a newly paved street with curbs enhanced our facility. In addition, our school yard has experienced many improvements during the past eight years: a green space called Central Park, two new playgrounds, two new soccer fields, a basketball court, as well as improved drainage. Central's PTA facilitated playground equipment and a shelter for rainy and sunny weather. In winter, we have an outdoor rink for our students and the community to enjoy. Daily physical activity, extra-curricular activities, inter-school competitions, field trips, and arts activities contribute to an exciting, stimulating, and productive life at Central.

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