February 19, 2018 -


The Curriculum Department is responsible for coordinating programs for all students in the board. The regional co-ordinators work closely with administrators and teachers to ensure that we offer challenging programs that engage students in the learning process.

The Curriculum personnel consists of the following people:

  • Lynn McNaughton – District Administrator of Curriculum and Vice-Principal
  • Lisa Yee – District Student Success Administrator and Principal
  • Chad Mowbray – District Student Success Administrator and Vice-Principal

Introduction to Curriculum

The curriculum focus for District School Board Ontario North East continues to be the implementation of the new Ministry of Education Curriculum documents. These documents have as their main feature a focus on the grade level learning expectations for all students. The staff of District School Board Ontario North East is committed to implementation of these documents. To achieve this goal the board has developed a Board CRDI Plan (Curriculum: Review, Development, Implementation) with input from all schools. In addition, all schools have developed implementation plans that reflect the uniqueness of each school.

Each curriculum document, kindergarten to grade 8, is closely linked with the provincial report card. Student learning in all grades is assessed according to categories of achievement within each particular subject area. More information may be obtained by viewing the documents available on the Ministry of Education websites:

The Curriculum Department also supports schools in the selection of curriculum resources, instructional strategics, assessment and evaluation strategies, staff training and leadership development.

Curriculum Sections:

Additional Sections: