February 20, 2018 -

Policy Consultation

At any given time, District School Board Ontario North East trustees and staff are developing various policies that guide staff in the implementation of Board or Ministry of Education initiatives. All policies receive three separate readings by the Board before they are approved for use. Policies requiring public consultation are posted on this page for your information and your consultation is earnestly sought. Please forward your questions, concerns or suggestions in regards to any of the following policies. Parents, School Council members, staff, students and members of the community are urged to respond.

Policies Pending

The following policies are awaiting approval. They are available here for your information and consultation. Please leave feedback should you have comments regarding a policy.

  • Currently there are no policies awaiting approval

Last Updated March 3, 2016

Policy Consultation Feedback

Your feedback is sought in the development of policies. Please send us any comments, suggestions or questions you have regarding a particular policy listed above. All input is very much appreciated.

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