February 19, 2018 -

Bid Opportunities

The purchase of supplies, equipment, and services must be acquired through a competitive process that ensures the best value for the funds expended to meet the specific needs and to promote fair dealings and equitable relationships. Bid Opportunities for District School Board Ontario North East will now be posted online. Check this page often to link to new bid opportunities available at District School Board Ontario North East.

Bid Opportunities on Biddingo.com

District School Board Ontario North East is modernizing the way it does business with its suppliers by posting bid opportunities online using Biddingo.com. This website allows us to manage bid publishing, document distribution, amendment notification, and bid results. By using Biddingo, we are ensuring that all suppliers wanting to participate in the bidding process have the opportunity, hence creating a fair, open and transparent approach.

What is Biddingo.com?
Biddingo.com is an online portal that connects suppliers providing various goods and services to buyers from the Provincial, Municipal, Education, Crown Corporation, Housing, Construction and Healthcare sectors and Private companies from across Canada. Biddingo provides real-time notification of bid opportunities to suppliers in the marketplace.

Other Bid Opportunities

Bid opportunities not posted on Biddingo.com will be posted on DocuShare by District School Board Ontario North East: